Alon Ben Joseph

Alon Ben Joseph

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Alon Ben Joseph (1979) is a true jeweler and internet geek. Educated in the Netherlands (University of Amsterdam) and New York, USA (Hofstra University) he got the fundamentals of business. Working in the family business Ace Jewelers Group since 1998, he was the leading force behind the transformation from a classic retail business in to a leading international omni-channel retailer in the watch and jewelry business back in 2007. Many high-end Swiss watch brands authorized Ace Jewelers as the first dealer to sell online.
Besides co-owning Ace Jewelers, Alon is also the co-founder of two more start-ups: and Shine Social Club.

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12 Take-Aways from 12 Years of Omni-Channel Retail

17/09/2019 | 17:20 - 17:40

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