Maria Aguado Cabrera

Maria Aguado Cabrera

Heritage and Innovation Director |

Maria Aguado Cabrera is the Heritage and Innovation Director at Bally, a Swiss luxury brand established in 1851. A day at the office means balancing art and data to drive the transformational agenda. Besides managing the Corporate Bally Archive, the Bally Shoe Museum and the Bally Cultural Foundation, Maria has responsibility for building and managing the Bally Innovation Program and embed sustainability into everyday business practices.

Maria brings two decades of Strategic Marketing, Product and Brand Management and Innovation at leading commercial Fortune 500 organisations. She has a broad experience across multiple industries where she has held senior leadership roles and has extensive international experience. Beyond her marketing and innovation expertise, she is recognised for her passionate and customer centric approach, change management and leadership development skills.

A Spanish national, Maria earned her double master of International Economics and Banking and Finance (Facultad de Economia, Universidad de Valencia, Spain) and IUP Banque Finance (Nantes, France).

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Fashion Sustainability & Launching the Fashion Innovation Award 2020

17/09/2019 | 15:40 - 16:00

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